Comfrey Massage Salve 

Our Comfrey Massage Salve is a creamy and hydrating salve to help relieve pain and aid in healing sore muscles, broken bones and fractures, bruises, sprains, achy joints, osteoarthritis, and more. Comfrey is a powerful herb traditionally used to relieve pain and promote healing below the skin while also promoting healthy skin.

Uses: Ease pain and heal sore/pulled muscles, bruises, sprains, achy joints, reduce inflammation, reduce scarring, increase mobility, hydrate and promote skin health.

Herbal Ingredients:

Comfrey: Anti-inflammatory, pain relieving
Tulsi  Kapoor: Anti-inflammatory, softens skin, reduces skin irritation anti-swelling, anti-aging, skin nourishing
Clary Sage: Reduces skin inflammation, calms and soothes skin

To use, massage a small amount of this salve with intention on areas of the body that are in pain and need relief. You can just apply the salve and let it absorb into the skin to relieve pain below, however, it works best when massaged into painful areas and given that extra bit of self-care to areas that need it. Unless your skin is very dry, a little salve will allow for prolonged massaging. Apply more salve as needed to not irritate skin while massaging. Be mindful and intentional as you massage the salve into the pain and allow it to relax and aid in your healing.

*Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Yarrow Skin Healing Salve 

Our Yarrow Skin Healing Salve aids in healing and relieving irritation from minor cuts, burns, bug bites/stings, rashes, and other skin issues. Using coconut oil infused with the herbs below this soothing salve boasts a powerful set of herbal benefits for your skin while also having herbal properties traditionally used for anti-aging and overall skin health.

Uses: Numb and heal stings/bites, prevent and heal poison ivy rash, heal and sooth minor cuts/scrapes, moisturize and repair dry skin, heal and sooth minor burns, aid in the healing and soothing of most minor skin irritations. 

Herbal Ingredients:

Yarrow: Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, stops bleeding by clotting blood in minor cuts, numbs stings/cuts, decreases swelling, prevents and soothes poison ivy rash
Greek Oregano: Anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants, reduces scars, anti-aging, anti-viral/bacterial/fungal
Tulsi  Kapoor: Anti-inflammatory, softens skin, reduces irritation, anti-swelling, anti-cancer from UV burns Peppermint: Numbing, pain relieving, increases blood supply, anti-bacterial
Lemon Thyme: Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial 

To use, apply salve with intention for the uses above. Reapply as necessary to relieve irritation. For cuts, you can place band-aids over wound after applying salve.  For bug bites/stings, reapply as often as stinging feeling persists. Bites are often healed by the next day.